11 January 2020

10 January 2020

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08 January 2020


my life now

03 January 2020

22:365 + 2020 goals

in 2019, we celebrated 10 years of marriage. Two months later, we brought home our new baby boy. His birth mother chose life and with love made a sacrifice, thus allowing us to be parents at last. He is beautiful and precious and handsome. He loves cuddles, and his parents and naps and bottles. He does not like having his diaper changed or having baths. I am keeping a record of all the little things so that I might not forget them in 6 mos, and 3 years, and as time passes us by. What a gift and God's timing was, of course a surprise, but perfect and really, right on time. 

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Reflections on the past 5 Years of Resolutions/Year Goals

Since 2014, when I began posting about my annual resolution/goals, I have been fortunate enough to travel widely (vacation, visiting family, and for professional conferences), eat well (both locally and travelling), read read read (around 770 books). Reading is probably my favorite activity. I have also taken lots of neighborhood walks and hikes in parks, day drives and weekend trips and challenged my creative side through collage, painting, sewing, quilting, crochet, and organizing.

Here are some highlights:
traveled to San Antonio TX, the UP, and another place: Hamilton, MO
attend 1 celebration for St. Louis 250th Anniversary celebrations
cleaned kitchen shelves
read 90 books
cooked 5 new recipes
tried 5 new-to-me restaurants
work on and finish quilt with fabric from textiles classes
learned to knit (though it didn’t stick)
took photos weekly
attended a Cardinals' game
created homemade Christmas gifts

traveled to Minneapolis MN, the UP, KC, a Florida, and Hamilton, MO 
saved up for a bathroom renovation
worked on backyard garden and chickens
attended First Friday Masses as I worked a 4/10 schedule
painted/collaged postcards and sent birthday greetings to friends and family

Left one job for another
traveled to Baltimore, MD, Prince Edward Island, to Paris, Alsace and Baden-W├╝rttemberg
attended a Catholic Women's Conference
visi0edt the art museum
saw a Muny show
visited the farmer's market
printed photographs and updated some photo albums
said a daily Rosary
started a small counseling practice

traveled to Hamilton, MO, Gettysburg, Emmitsburg, Fredericksburg
rode bikes (Katy Trail, Creve Coeur Park)
visited the art museum
made garden smaller and more efficient
read 100+ books
cooked 5 new recipes + tried 5 new-to-me restaurants
took weekly photos (mostly for Instagram)
attended a Cardinals' game
hosted a party 
saw a Muny show
prayed daily
continued focusing on small business
used my planner to budget time and remember activities
continued to learn about my health

Left one job for another
Sold a house and bought a house
Undertook major renovations
Completed an adoption home study
found new parish home
continued to build small business
said goodbye to my FIL

deleted FB and IG accounts for good
Read over 100 books
Walked a lot
Joined a women’s bible study at my parish
Served as maid of honor for my sister
Traveled to San Diego (first time to CA!)
Rode Amtrak to KC
Took a quilting break then started up again
Prayed a lot of rosaries and novenas and saw some answered prayers
Finally caught my stride in my business and implemented some needed systems to make the most sense for how I need it to work
Stopped working late nights and thanked a friend for the nightshift
Saw shows at Muny and Rep
Hiked a new park

Here are my 2020 goals:
Keep a child alive (lol)
Read, but not as much
Sew in my limited free time
Find a rhythm for work and home life
Hike, walk, cook, bake, live

02 January 2020


homemade baked oatmeal
with steel cut oats, blueberries, apples, pecans, almond
I prepped the recipe the night before with wet and dry ingredients separate.
In the morning, I combined and baked in the oven. Two thumbs up.

01 January 2020


foggy morning
Happy New Year! ~ 2020

31 December 2019


Merry Christmas ~ 2019

30 December 2019


snow day 12/16/19

29 December 2019


can you spot three deer? 
There's a fourth out of view as well.
They were using the side yard as a chance to take a rest.