22 August 2015



flowers from my sister in law C's garden; and her actual garden
baked goods made my me and a few others (zucchini bread (with and without nuts), chocolate coconut cookies, chocolate chip cranberry cookies, cupcakes)
all for sister in law M's baby shower. 

It was a wonderful, if not a bit busy, weekend.

22 May 2015

from April

quilting project--space themed
 family of deer at the cabin

 Houghton bridge

 somewhere in the Keweenaw looking at Superior

 Bishop Baraga statue and shrine

12 May 2015


We spent a day traveling through the Keweenaw Peninsula a few weeks ago and to my delight it snowed for two days. Any water you see is Lake Superior from the town of Copper Harbor. The only downside to this trip was that most places were not open for the season yet. We were able to eat some delicious whitefish, trout, locally brewed beer, and thimbleberry jam. 

I have to say it would be great to return here someday and just spend some time staring into the water. 

08 May 2015

new additions

After the death of one 4 year old buff orpington, we were left with 1 only, and I certainly did not want her to be too lonely. so the quick decision was made to get her some children, or sisters, or companions, or something. 1 brahma and 2 australorps later, the coop is a much fuller place this week. the babies are actually about 9 weeks old, or so, and acclimating nicely. except that they are scared to death of humans and the big girl. Which is one of the names we call her: hey, girl, darlin', girlfriend, etc etc. I can't actually remember the original name we gave her. And, so now I am in this predicament where I am not sure if I will name the new girls or not.

28 April 2015

checking in

I took a long blogging break over Lent and then some ... thinking of coming back to blogging, but thinking through several questions. I may post them soon. 

In the meantime, enjoy these two recent photos. 

The fabric in the top photo  is Heather Ross, Briar Rose, a charm pack.

25 January 2015

settling in

 I know this is messy, but it is my collection and my palette. I love afternoons when I can sew uninterrupted. Just what I am going to do now. 

The back of the wedding guest book quilt. When we were married, I had our guests sign a piece of unbleached muslin with their names and wishes. Those are on the other side, and the back is a mix of hand-printed and other scrap fabric put together. I love the way this quilt looks. It is lap size, perfect for covering up on the couch on a chilly night.

21 January 2015

December 2014 hike at Greensfelder Park
JRR Tolkien quote
I want to make these chevrons
And store the leftovers in these containers

heavenly slice of Lemon Loaf from Cucina Nicolina's book, Flourless

I might make this recipe again this weekend, for the 3rd time. It is wonderful. Light, fluffy and dense almost at the same time, lemony and almond-y. Sweet, of course. But perfect for someone avoiding grains (but not sugar). 

I am on a quest to limit and reduce grains, most specifically wheat and gluten, but also some others. I already feel better physically when avoiding them, including no bloating, abdominal pressure, gas, tiredness, etc. I have been working out several times a week as well and now have lost a few pounds, which is the goal. Feeling better in many areas is a good thing.