01 October 2015

15 September 2015

2015 Wishes 9-month update

Here is my list of wishes for 2015:
strikethrough: complete
italics: in progress
travel to Minneapolis MN (7/15), the UP (4/15), KC, a beach vacation (Florida! 5/15), and Hamilton, MO   upcoming!
take a train somewhere
ride bikes this year
be active 3-4x week (gym/walks)
save up for bathroom, Europe vacation
buy ourselves a bathroom renovation
 paint front door
paint back door
make a garden plan
clean kitchen shelves
read 50 books (waaaay more!)
cook 5 new recipes
try 5 new-to-me restaurants
crochet and sew more work including:
hats, scarves and cowls,
table runners, quilts sachets
enter vendor shows
finish needlepoint
take photos weekly
post blog weekly
print photographs and update photo albums
continue first Friday Masses
 clean and reorganize front bedroom/sewing room
go hiking in at least 5 parks locally
paint/collage postcards and send a birthday greetings
attend a Cardinals' game
host a party for friends
try to buy as much Made in USA
research, plan, create, and give homemade Christmas gifts
perhaps try one of these daily or weekly challenges

13 September 2015

late summer

unfair advantages
this weaving video
want to read: Laudato Si'
thinking about exterior colors: white, grey, sage green, cadet blue...?
want to explore this cooking site
want to listen to more books
quilt trails are so neat

11 September 2015

three recent meals

three recent meals, in order to document 6 weeks (so far) of an anti-inflammatory/anti-candida diet: no gluten/grains, sugar, fruit (mostly), dairy, yeast/fermented products. I have lost 8 lbs, and feel so clear-headed, awake, and steady. I am rarely hungry between meals now, and eat some activated nuts or cashew butter for a snack when I need it. I hope to continue eating this for a while, and will slowly add in some things eventually to see how I feel afterwards.

top: salad with crock pot baked chicken and homemade dressing made without vinegar, substituting lemon juice. also garlic, dill, olive oil, salt, pepper.
middle: eggs with a little pork sausage, avocado, and turmeric-roasted cauliflower
bottom: wild-caught salmon with turmeric and basil, grilled zucchini and broccoli with coconut oil.

22 August 2015



flowers from my sister in law C's garden; and her actual garden
baked goods made my me and a few others (zucchini bread (with and without nuts), chocolate coconut cookies, chocolate chip cranberry cookies, cupcakes)
all for sister in law M's baby shower. 

It was a wonderful, if not a bit busy, weekend.

22 May 2015

from April

quilting project--space themed
 family of deer at the cabin

 Houghton bridge

 somewhere in the Keweenaw looking at Superior

 Bishop Baraga statue and shrine

12 May 2015


We spent a day traveling through the Keweenaw Peninsula a few weeks ago and to my delight it snowed for two days. Any water you see is Lake Superior from the town of Copper Harbor. The only downside to this trip was that most places were not open for the season yet. We were able to eat some delicious whitefish, trout, locally brewed beer, and thimbleberry jam. 

I have to say it would be great to return here someday and just spend some time staring into the water. 

08 May 2015

new additions

After the death of one 4 year old buff orpington, we were left with 1 only, and I certainly did not want her to be too lonely. so the quick decision was made to get her some children, or sisters, or companions, or something. 1 brahma and 2 australorps later, the coop is a much fuller place this week. the babies are actually about 9 weeks old, or so, and acclimating nicely. except that they are scared to death of humans and the big girl. Which is one of the names we call her: hey, girl, darlin', girlfriend, etc etc. I can't actually remember the original name we gave her. And, so now I am in this predicament where I am not sure if I will name the new girls or not.