14 October 2014

this week

lots of new changes, including a new car!, links of interest, and lots of creativity as the weather is cooling. 
Since October, I have been crocheting lots of cowls, sewing lots of things including table runners, pincushions or sachets, and a door snake to keep out the chill.

To Read: this book


13 October 2014

12 October 2014

beautiful churches

This article made me think of all of the beautiful churches I admire...photos below. :)



23 September 2014

quilt on black background

I saw a beautiful quilt with a black background at a recent quilt show and did a little searching to see what I could find. Here are some links:

halfway down - colorful applique on black background
a block of the month option
I like many of these, particularly the ones with a dark/light contrast
a more modern version
another more modern version
love the range of reds
top post - range of blues

and for future project ideas:
Hoffman Challenge
Value Quilt

21 September 2014


This is what September looks like - leaves starting to die, tomatoes not going anywhere and producing like mad, a mix of cool and warm days. I am finding it kind of hard to get motivated to do much this month - besides what HAS to get done (laundry, dishes, work). I changed my schedule at work and am now working 4 ten hour days - with the bonus of a day off on Friday, but I am still adjusting to the timeframe of late evenings and shorter amounts of sun.

11 September 2014


 on my desktop lately - thread, pins, fabric scraps, waterproof pens

 newly finished work - ready for photographer and stylist


07 September 2014

more from san antonio

It was hot when I visited, but then it was also July. As I look back at the photographs I am struck by all the color, even the little bits captured in each photo. Also, the amount of trees, cacti, and other vegetation I saw everywhere -- even in downtown in a busy city.