05 May 2020


 Greek dinner one night: gf bread, stuffed grape leaves, garlic olives, veggies, turkey burger with spinach
 and homemade hummus. Exceedingly better than anything to be bought in the store.
 table runner in progress
 Christmas quilt in progress
 scrambled eggs with ham and spinach; pumpkin muffin with apricot jam
 lilac, pre-bloom

 artemesia (front), allium (middle)

 new raised beds - starting somewhere.
 I think this is a weed all over our yard, but it is pretty. I do not know what it is called.
 garlic chives in new herb bed

 I think this is also a weed, I've seen it over the neighborhood. Reminds me of a mini-daisy.

 I love springtime and all the green.

 lilac, on a different street, in bloom. Two varieties!

 recipe from Smitten Kitchen: roast chicken with schmaltzy cabbage. We did not have a whole chicken, so used about 8 chicken thighs. Served with cabbage, rice, and veg. Amazing favor. We will make again.
 baby sleeping on the deck on a warm day. He loved it. He generally loves hearing the birds. My paternal grandmother knitted the yellow blanked in the crib. I made the quilt as seen at the top of the crib.
 Dick Taylor chocolate, single origin from Belize, from Comet Coffee.
 our lilacs bloomed. Smelled like perfume - so wonderful.

05 April 2020


 country fields

 morning coffee

 paleo blueberry pancakes
 very late winter

 pancakes with eggs and homemade quark cheese

 return from hibernation - artemesia
 return from hibernation - allium

 dawn or dusk?
 early spring snow day

 March birthday taco fest

 mom's gf olive oil chocolate cakes (mini)

 almond flour pumpkin muffins
 two lunchs: salad with muffin, jam, pickled herring, mandarin / egg-cauli crepini wrap with spinach and quark, mary's crackers, mandarin
 baby butt (aka tummy time)
 open faced egg and sardine salad sandwich with radish
 egg omelet with spinach, almond, plain yogurt, honey
 sunny day in the yard! and good temperatures!!

 sunny kitchen

 almond flour almond butter chocolate chip (stevia chip) cookies

 birthday ribeye dinner with veggies
 homemate keto tiramisu (almond flour, dairy filling)