05 January 2010

winter morning light

Don't have much to say other than it's cold and my hands need lots of lotion and I prefer drinking something warm (tea, coffee, hot cocoa) to anything cold. In St. Louis, we don't have snow or ice, thank goodness, and our temperatures have been above 0*, like say, 6*, so not a huge improvement, but I suppose it's better than a negative.

Currently loving:
hot drinks
my Cardinals snuggie
blankets and quilts
central heat
my utility company
my car's heating capacity
smartwool and wigwam socks
eucerin hand lotion (no synthetic fragrances)
the sun

...get the idea? ;)


My Life My Life My Life said...

I love winter morning light...it has its own FEEL to it. I love to sit in my dining room, look out on the deck and just watch the sunlight come through the blinds....a little bit of relaxation right there, LOL

WE.OWN.STOCK.IN.EUCERIN! its the only thing that works especially now.

amy @ switz~art said...

hello, girl! love this post! and i love that list! i must check out these smartwool socks...hopefully they can be purchased north of the border! ;-) yes, i have to say i love my utility company, too. i just dislike paying the bills! haha!

by the way, i have not forgotten you and your treat that i want to send you. life can be a crazy whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

Finding light is wonderful isn't it?