13 May 2010

graduation season

graduation season follows baby season: this year, between february and april, I celebrated with friends who birthed 6 babies in 6 weeks. (two were twins). my twin nieces (really, my husband's nieces) turned one.
now, five people (at least) are graduating with a smattering of degrees. the most important person, by far, graduating is my dear sister. she will have her master's in public policy. that girl will go places!! you're awesome q!
i like to call this garden season. we still have radishes and greens coming up. more photos of the garden next week as well as the 40 tomato/tomatillo plants that look healthy.

have a great weekend!!


robin ann mcintosh said...

tis the season to grow & graduate.

robin ann mcintosh said...

(this is robin from little bird, i changed my url again - stalker protection)