10 July 2010


I came across this church as I was researching family records. The church is over 100 years old. I wonder what this scene across the street would have looked like each year that the church stood. Genealogy has been doing that to me lately; what would family have looked like? Why did the best looking brother never marry and die from influenza 37? Why did they leave their homeland to come here? What did they do for a living? I ask each of these questions though knowing that they will (mostly) not be answered.

One answer I did find though...one great-grandmother, my mother's paternal grandmother, came from Germany as a teenager. We always knew she had two sisters; one we knew married and had some children and that was it. The other we did not know anything about. Through research, I was able to find a grandchildren and great-grandchildren of each of the other sisters. We had a mini-reunion last weekend, and boy, it's good to know that we hit it off, just like family would!

Now, on to other sides of the family :)

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