19 September 2010

300 posts!

well, it's only taken two years and 7 months,
but I've made another milestone --
300 posts!

clearly, i've been in no rush,
in fact, i've rather enjoyed this blogging experience.

i don't blog for the comments,
i sometimes post regularly and sometimes haphazardly,
though i love thinking of my blog as a creative online journal,
a place to record how i see the world
(and also my husband because takes many of the photos posted;
especially the ones today.)

since i started this blog, i've lived at 3 addresses,
finished graduate school, been engaged and married, found a job,
and probably shot 1000 photographs (or at least hundreds).
tomorrow i'll post an update to my life list.

anyone want to guess what will be part of the next 300 posts?

photos: two weekends ago - labor day weekend
Giro della Montagna
terrific amounts of fun

Thanks for reading, commenting, being friendly, participating in my one swap so far, not stealing any photographs or content, and generally being awesome. :)

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