29 September 2010

things still growing in the garden in September, almost October

image of the garden: Brussels sprouts in foreground; mess of tomato plants in the back

fall garden: lettuce, carrots, and radishes - I'm going to water them as soon as I hit 'publish'

baby cantaloupe - though I'm not betting the farm on this one because none have turned out for us this year

Brussels sprouts - food from Heaven - they just keeps coming!

tomatoes! we had a humid rainy summer - the tomatoes love the humid, not so much the rain. We didn't have a good showing early on, but after the rain stopped, the temps dropped about 10 degrees (to hover in the mid 80s), and equipped with lots of sun, we probably have 100 green tomatoes on our vines right now. Let's hope for no freeze for a couple months so they can turn red!


lisa said...

This is great! We actually had a very hot, dry summer. Much of what we tried to grow actually just burned, but the summer was truly an amazing one weather-wise!
These are great shots!

Kim Eichler-Messmer said...

great garden! home grown brussels sprouts are so much better than store bought or frozen. your pictures reminded me to go harvest some of mine.