01 October 2010

real or imagined?

sunset collaged together

I've been reading blogs for about three years now. When I read blogs, I notice that I tend to begin imagining what it would be like to live in this person's living room, or sit at that person's desk, or explore this person's backyard or town. I notice how we each gather the (mostly) beautiful elements from our lives: homes, artwork, nature, etc to share on our online journals. In the blogs I subscribe to, I rarely notice office buildings, freeways, views from the drivers' seat, the mundane or the perceived ugly. Surely we inhabit places in our lives that we choose to not take photos of. Surely we don't all work from home all day at our desks making art (though that would be nice). Surely we make our online journals into a piece of our creative selves in order that we might take our minds off the things that are not as enjoyable.

I know this is why I blog - because I work for a non-profit that is enjoyable and rewarding for me in a career-oriented sense, but also extremely stressful at times. I help adults find a sense of recovery and coping skills they can use for their mental illnesses. I take great joy in documenting the beautiful, extraordinary, and one of a kind things that I notice in my life and desire to share with others. I find it helpful to think that others dream of this dream, too.

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...switz~art said...

I love this!! And the funny thing is, I was just on a blog where this girl is a constant maker of things and she always seems so happy. Now, she did once do a post on the fact that she knows that this is how she is perceived and 85% of the time she is happy & making things, but why post the crappy stuff when we don't always want to see it? Yes, I love honest, down-to-earth , raw material, but I also love a world where people are creating, joyous and free-spirited!