26 March 2011

welcome home!

we went from flurries to all out accumulation in 2 hours
tarp is to protect herb seedlings

newly adopted buff orpington chicks, approx. 4 weeks old
can't wait until the weather is warm enough to put them in their new coop


Anonymous said...

Hi Sonrie,

Love the chicks. Can't wait to see pics of the coop too. You've definitely have more snow than we do in IL. I haven't started weeding my gardens yet, but as soon as the weather clears I want to get my hands dirty. Enjoy the weekend!


mommymae said...

yay! our sunny is a buff! we plan on geting 2 more this week!

Era said...

Wow, chickens! I'm so jealous.

Jakki said...

I wish I had thought to cover up my new plants :-/ hopefully they wont be TOO damaged

keep up with show-casing your progress!