13 April 2013

words; no pictures

I have started taking pictures again; it seemed that when I took time off from the internet, I also took time off from taking pictures. It seems as though, actually, springtime has been the birth of several things - a new job for my husband, a new outlook for me on wanting to have more social connections and get-togethers, and a desire to keep more to a routine and not let chores dictate having to stay at home. I have been reading a lot of the FlyLady and I really like her approach. 

I am reading a lot, and trying to work through my personal collection of unread books. I would like to create an art studio in the basement. I have been taking a lot of walks. I have been praying more since I feel strongly that prayer is what has helped me recover from my surgeries and also has given my husband a job. 

Often as I go throughout my day, I think of interesting sounding blog post titles and topics. Usually I do not write them down, and then I forget them. Sometimes I wonder how some bloggers remember to writer so frequently, or have the material to talk about something different so often. I have lots of thoughts, but then doubt why other people would be so interested in listening to them. I talk all day at work (to my clients, mostly, about therapy related topics), then often want to disengage that thought process at home with a good book or interesting tv show (NCIS is always a favorite). 

I will make another post in which I share pictures, but for now, enjoy my thoughts.  :)

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