01 November 2013

Seattle, late June

 Pike Place Market, truly larger than life. I think I visited almost daily. At the end of June, so much is in season-- I bought fresh cherries, raspberries, apples, peaches. Cappuccinos, a scarf, lip balm, gooseberry jam. A crepe, a juice, mini donuts. Probably some more, that I forgot.

 The Original Starbucks, for my dad. Yes, the mermaid is not wearing a shirt.

Of Puget Sound. From the Space Needle, I believe. The clouds were remarkable that day - such depth, patterns, puffiness (a word?), movement, light and shadow -- chiaroscuro. 

Here in STL on 1 November, it seems like the peak of fall color - reds, golds, yellows just glowing in the rays of the sun we had today, after two full days of fog, clouds and rain. I will take some photos of the beauty of it all.

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