30 November 2013

thoughts on thanksgiving weekend


I have so much to be thankful for this year. It was a wonderful year, all things considered, with health, jobs, artmaking, faith, and the support of family and friends. My husband and I each entered the Rock n Roll Craft Show, going on this weekend (!) and are making finishing touches on homemade Christmas gifts - surprises since family reads this blog. 
Two weeks ago, a tornado destroyed my in laws' home and we are thankful that no one was home or hurt. The family came together to help and friends showed an unbelievable amount of support in a difficult and emotional situation. Any prayers or kind thoughts you have are appreciated.  
Now that Thanksgiving is past, I am ready to start thinking about the Advent season with Christmas to follow.  The photos are from a September trip to Garden of the Gods State Park in Southern Illinois.

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Anonymous said...

and your family is thankful for you, too!