27 December 2013


 I have been thinking of what New Years' Resolutions I want to make. I don't really recall the ones I made last year, so it is hard to know if I followed them through.
 I have a short list in my head and plan over the next several days to put them on paper, as detailed as I need to or with several steps if that is important.  One way I have considered looking at resolutions is to categorize them, and I have thought of ways of wellness (physical, spiritual, financial, etc) and also categorizing by mind, body, home, work, etc.
I wanted to get an idea from all my readers - what resolutions are you making for 2014? Is this going to be a big year for you? In what areas of your life are you resolving to change? Do you even make them - is it an important thing to consider?  

I will post my resolution list within the next week to share, and hopefully to be able to keep myself focused on my goals.


Steph said...

I like to make and do resolutions, but I don't have any yet formed for 2014. I have a tradition to consume no alcohol nor caffeine for the month of January every year. That is an exercise in self discipline, rest for my body and awareness of what I consume. But that's more a tradition than a resolution. I also have the tradition to take a pre-dawn hike on New Year's morning and greet the New Year with fresh air and that special time of day. And sometimes there is a brilliant sunrise, sometimes there is greyness. Usually later in the morning I take a nap, because the caffeine fast has begun at that point, and because I stayed up until midnight too!
For a sweet, graphic chart to use for something you want to do each day (one year I used it to track if I took a vitamin or did exercise) see the website/blog for The Small Object. She has made one each year available for free as a download, but sometimes it appears on January 1 and not before. Best to you in your resolution dreaming!

Jennie said...

I know my big picture resolution is to greet the New Year with open arms and an open heart. XO

sonrie said...

thanks for your comments! I have checked out your recommendations and found some others. Happy New Year!