04 January 2014

getting ready

 Here in St. Louis we are bracing for a foot of snowfall tonight, the first time that has happened in many years.. Also predicted in very cold 0*F as the high on Monday with negative temps in the overnight. I realize this happens frequently in places in the mountains and northern states, but St. Louis is right on the mix of cool and warm sometimes that this is a big deal for us.
I have grand plans for our "snow in" today and tomorrow - we have both topped off our gas tanks, made a grocery run and will go to church tonight. We are going to watch some movies (still watching Edwardian Farm)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVQUbG1UqqU, read, make some soup, possibly this one, and generally stay warm. 

Here are some links I have enjoyed recently:
these one, two, three articles on health by Beyond Health News
US Dialect Quiz from NY Times -it pinned me correctly
Images from St. Louis Science Center. We saw the documentary Jerusalem on the IMAX Screen and it was great! It followed three teen girls - one Jewish, one Muslim, one Christian and the relationship between their historic city and their faith. I definitely recommend it.

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