01 January 2014

wishes for 2014

In the last week, I have been thinking about resolutions and also other names for them: goals, plans, ideas, wishes. They are things I would wish for or wish to happen, or wish to succeed at. I wrote them down, in fact, so many, that I found the need to organize them by subject. Does that negate the point of resolutions if I have so many? I think it seems more like a to-do list, instead of one or two big things. 
From The Simple Year, I considered Kandice's powerpoint resolution worksheets, with the emphasis on goal setting.
I considered the Year in Review for several blogs [Alabama Chanin, Over the Threshold, Seamless, Duo Fiberworks, to think about their goals from the previous year as well as what happened. Maybe some of our best accomplishments are not planned.
Let me consider my own year in review: 2013 brought full time contractual employment for my husband which turned into full time permanent - which was a true answer to many many prayers. We began thinking more about infertility, and currently I have a plan to read more about this from a Catholic perspectice. With my husband's new job, we have been able to save for some smaller house projects and for my new car fund - when that day arrives. We were able to spend lots of quality time with each of our families and many friends, which is really what life is about, right? I studied and passed a big test which helped obtain a promotion at work. I turned 30. I attended an important conference for my job in Seattle and my sister and I were able to travel a bit in Vancouver BC beforehand - my first trip abroad!! I crocheted quite a bit and set up two webshops and entered the Rock and Roll Craft Show and sold some of my work. I tried to cook and prepare meals and snacks at home, I read 88 books, I finished a wool quilt.
Here are my wishes for 2014:
travel to San Antonio (and maybe Austin?) TX, the UP?, and another place
take a train somewhere
ride bikes this year
be active 3-4x week
attend 1 celebration for St. Louis 250th Anniversary celebrations
save up for car fund, bathroom, Europe vacation
buy ourselves a bathroom renovation
 paint front door
clean kitchen shelves
read 50 books
cook 5 new recipes
try 5 new-to-me restaurants
buy and hang curtains
order business cards
crochet and enter vendor shows
work on and finish quilt with fabric from textiles classes
learn to knit
start and complete needlepoint
take photos weekly
post blog weekly
print photographs and update photo albums
attend a Cardinals' game
host a summer or fall party for friends
try to buy as much Made in USA
research, plan, create, and give homemade Christmas gifts

Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Whew! What is it that is within you; I sometimes wonder (with love, of course).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful perspective of last year and the step into this one.

sonrie said...

thank you! I love to relax at home after work, this meaning crochet, work out, reading, making art, cooking or baking, that is what makes me feel that I have time to myself after a long work day. sometimes it does seem like a lot!!