19 February 2014

blog swap

I participated in a blog swap sponsored by Amanda of SweetPotatoClaire blog. My package arrived yesterday and had some wonderful surprises in it from Carly Carter. When I checked out her website, I discovered she is the author of the Cheongsam Fashion Mysteries -- I will have to check them out!
Here are some of the surprises:
everything came in a wicker basket - green tea and a pretty blue jar with chocolates inside, as well as a book and literary brochure to read.

 a cowl (above) and scarf (below) with such a soft and thick yarn - I can't wait to try them out!


Carly Carter said...

So glad you got the box and that you're enjoying the contents. Many thanks for the kind words on your blog. (Cheongsam Fashion Mysteries available in March! Very excited!) XX Carly Carter

Chris Crash said...

How cool!! Love the goodies!

amanda said...

hooray! glad you got some great goodies!

Malena said...

Thanks for the goodies! I am Amanda's slacker friend who doesn't keep up her blogging. I so love the scarf and tea and will certainly put that fabulous homemade vanilla to good use!

sonrie said...

You are welcome - and I am so glad that the vanilla arrived intact -- was worried the P.O. would refuse to ship it!