02 November 2014

tidying and cleaning

Since the weather has been turning, the heat has come on, I have noticed that I am gathering more things inside. I have taken on loads of library books, brought up the box of yarn, gone through fabric, looked through paper and pens, researched types of journals, and pored my cookbooks for recipes for the slow cooker: soups, stews, and other savory dishes. I want to be warm, cozy, as light-filled as possible. I get the feeling I did not have enough warm weather as I needed this summer. I still want fall. I halfway look forward to Christmas, and my birthday in spring, because I don't want to be cold. I want to still sit on the porch in my lawnchair. I want to take long walks in the sun, dappled through the yellow and orange leaves. So, I will still take walks in the blue sky, in the grey sky, in the silver-tinted sky. I will keep moving in the day, sit under a blanket at night, make tasty, warm meals. I will make art to help anchor my feelings and my days. I will rake the leaves and feed the chickens, savoring the daily hours of light.

Also, today is All Souls' Day, yesterday was All Saints' Day. I remember all of my grandparents and some great aunts today, and some others whom have passed away.

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