31 December 2014

review of 2014 wishes

I made a list at the beginning of this year detailing some of my hopes for this year. I think I accomplished quite a bit.

Accomplished in bold; in progress in italics

Here were my wishes for 2014:
travel to San Antonio TX, the UP, and another place: Hamilton, MO
take a train somewhere
ride bikes this year
be active 3-4x week (walk/gym)
attend 1 celebration for St. Louis 250th Anniversary celebrations
save up for car fund, bathroom, Europe vacation
buy ourselves a bathroom renovation
 paint front door
clean kitchen shelves
read 50 books (read 90)
cook 5 new recipes
try 5 new-to-me restaurants
buy and hang curtains
order business cards
crochet and enter vendor shows
work on and finish quilt with fabric from textiles classes
learn to knit
start and complete needlepoint
take photos weekly
post blog weekly
print photographs and update photo albums
attend a Cardinals' game
host a summer or fall party for friends
try to buy as much Made in USA
research, plan, create, and give homemade Christmas gifts

stay tuned in a few days for my 2015 wishes.

Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. Just saw an article about the town of Hamilton, maybe in the Post? Hmm.

sonrie said...

It was in the AAA Midwest Traveler. I read it too :)