21 January 2015

December 2014 hike at Greensfelder Park
JRR Tolkien quote
I want to make these chevrons
And store the leftovers in these containers

heavenly slice of Lemon Loaf from Cucina Nicolina's book, Flourless

I might make this recipe again this weekend, for the 3rd time. It is wonderful. Light, fluffy and dense almost at the same time, lemony and almond-y. Sweet, of course. But perfect for someone avoiding grains (but not sugar). 

I am on a quest to limit and reduce grains, most specifically wheat and gluten, but also some others. I already feel better physically when avoiding them, including no bloating, abdominal pressure, gas, tiredness, etc. I have been working out several times a week as well and now have lost a few pounds, which is the goal. Feeling better in many areas is a good thing. 



fjord girl said...

Good Morning Sonrie.
You won!
Head on over to Fjordgirl blog and shoot me an email with shipping details- and I will have your Mountain Girl Yarns out to you.

fjord girl said...

Hi Sonrie,

Can you email me at fjordgirl67@gmail.com
with your shipping address?
Have a great day!