30 January 2016

a story of a pink bathroom

Once upon a time, a house was purchased and inside the house lay a quiet pink bathroom. That wasn't all. The wallpaper was red flocked print on a white background. Some of the flocking even fell off if you rubbed your hand over it. The pink tiles too, were deceiving. They started falling off as well, and it turned out, weren't even ceramic tiles! They were plastic imposters!!

 Money was tight in those days, so even as dreams about the bathroom happened on a frequent daily basis, and the design work was basically complete inside the owner's heads, the actual bathroom work was not able to start for a long time.  Nothing was right about this bathroom, except maybe the generous size and the natural light. And the pretty cast iron tub. The shower head was too low, the sink and toilet seemingly made for much shorter people. The mirrored medicine cabinet slid on a track of graphite, darkening the hand of anyone who dared open it. Like the owners had to do thrice (or more!) daily.

The sheet linoleum (gold flecked!) flooring was coming up in the seam in the middle, and the lights took longer to come on. The tiny vent in the middle of all the glass blocks in the window was a pain to open, and the worst: no one could ever find the light switches. That's because one was actually a pull chain over the toilet, and the other was hidden behind the shower curtain.

Because there was no vent fan, patches of the ceiling were beginning to fall like a bad dandruff. 

Something had to be done. 7 long years later, finances were improved, the design was set, and the owners decided to embark on a new journey: bathroom remodeling!

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