06 March 2016

joyful list

 In response to Natalie Creates' blog, I am posting my own joyful list:
--eggs from my chickens
--discovering instagram
--meals with family members
--a conversation that helps me feel more inspired
--the joy of life
--good articles: Be Happy, When Abortion Suddenly Stopped Making Sense.
--want to see this movie: Poverty
--Elise's list of 30 good things for her birthday. I may just do one for my upcoming birthday.
--discovering Mark's Daily Apple website a few weeks ago for inspiration
 --did I mention eggs? Eggs for breakfast, over easy is my favorite. :)
--Terri Savelle Foy's youtube videos: she's so upbeat and her enthusiasm is contagious.
--want to try my hand at springerle cookies sometime
--spring cleaning / trying to keep up with 40 bags for 40 days Lenten challenge. I have about 20 bags-worth trashed, recycled, or waiting for donation
--I feel good when I can make lists on daily and weekly goals
--a good hot cup of tea
--unexpected discoveries
--a friend's 'best ever gluten free chocolate cake'
--balancing my checkbook with good results
--planning to travel
--praying for the people in my life
--the joy of Sunday Mass and a good homily
--praying my daily Rosary in the car
--remembering to make a little artwork everyday


Anonymous said...

how about soft boiled eggs?

sonrie said...

soft boiled are always great! :)