22 April 2016

Morning view

I've been meaning to post here though I haven't forgotten about this space. I have felt an awakening this spring since the weather is so good. We've had a slow spring and the blooms have just lasted so long. I feel equally pulled between spring cleaning and garden work and general relaxing, reading, and artmaking. I've been doing a little of them all, including also working on puzzles, which for me is surprisingly therapeutic, calming, and helps me transition from a work day. I include all these things, and more really, as forms of self-care, but what I have learned recently, which fits in to my philosophy, is that when self-care is integrated in my life, instead of added as an afterthought or an extra burden I must do, I live a more intentional life and peaceful, since the care is built in.

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Anonymous said...

puzzles: carry over from childhood?