25 April 2016


 One thing I find myself into these days is puzzles. No doubt inspired by Elise Cripe who I follow and who has gone through her own puzzle making days. My pics are not the best, with the glare and all, as I sit in the dining room under our chandelier and work. My first one, top,  was by far the fastest for me, in about three days, and the second, below, took about a week.

I have heard and figured out that the best way to start is by finding all the edges, then finding like colors and slowly going that way. That method has helped me on the first two but does not seem to be making a difference on my most recent endeavor.

Don't just let the nicest things sit there, or hide. Use the good things.
On puzzles. Literally and in real life.
The internet is not real life. It is curated, only a partial look at real life.

What is your set of tactics for solving a puzzle?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

That is an epic puzzle :)

Anonymous said...

All things are possible with God.