21 September 2017

slowing down

"Play, reading, writing, letters, slowness of life all contribute to creativity. When we live fast, we don't have time to catch our breath, to think, to explore, to linger. When we take those slower steps, we begin to see and notice more, to absorb the parts of our lives, the world to have such an effect on us. If we rush through our commutes, we can be exasperated, rushed, tired, short. Everything is a check on the to-do list, not to be relished until it is all complete. But, it is never complete. There will always be another day, another item on the list, another list. The point is not to get rid of the list, or the items on the list, but to slow the list, the items. To relish and enjoy the stages between the steps. During the commute, be grateful fro your job, your car, your life, your family. Be grateful for that time to think, to see, to hear. Be glad for what came before and what will come after."

Source: World Enough and Time by Christian MacEwen.


Additional thoughts can be found in Quotidian Mysteries by Kathleen Norris.

Addendum: I started this post and typed this quote two months ago, after thinking about it for several months. I am possibly the busiest I have been this year and last year, but even as I say that, I can recall some really busy seasons in my life in high school, college, and my first several years working after graduate school. I am aching for a slowing down of activities, commitments, responses, and scheduling. The horizon does look promising because there are at least 2 things I can end and 1 thing to majorly downsize. All of this means that there will be space for something we want to add to our lives and consciously saying no, enough, and not now will be things on our lips more frequently.

 The Little Flower - St. Therese of Lisieux (she visited this church at least once, therefore there is a special devotion to her here)

 Saint Rita of Cascia

Images from the church Notre Dame des Victoires in Paris (Our Lady of Victories)

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